Sunday, March 12, 2017

Drama Reviews - No. 6

These are all love stories, except one. I guess I was in the mood for that back then.

Ho Gu’s Love

1. Ho Gu’s Love (Fool’s Love) – such a nice drama, heartwarming but delivers some big laughs. Choi Wu Shik making cute faces to the baby and not only. I couldn’t sweep off my smile. You just want to hug Ho Gu and his family. Takles new territory for a drama with a mature approach and understanding. The mistranslation in episode 3 (?) and then the flashbacks mislead me, and hated the jerk, until I read the recaps on Dramabeans. Then seeing him so pityful, tortured by his believed gayness was almost rewarding. I know I sound cruel but I’m just being honest.

2. Falling for Innocence (Falling in Love With Soon Jung / Beating Again) – I approached this drama with moderate optimism, but was better than I expected. It was fun to watch how a total ass was transforming due to his heart transplant. I liked that first the heart was remembering and then the mind. The female lead felt cold from the beginning to the end and I didn’t like that. Strangely the work related stuff and intrique didn’t bore or annoy me.

3. It’s Okay, It’s Love – I cought on early in the first few episodes of the resemblance with A Beautiful Mind. The talks and presentation of mental illnesses are very schetchy and superficial (maybe except the main character’s). I liked it more in Kill Me, Heal Me. But the reaction of the people around those afflicted felt real.

4. My Unfortunate Boyfriend – The first 4 episodes were mostly boring and annoyingly idiotic, with few glimpses of what it could be, nice composed moments with some meaning. Everything was based on silly coincidences. No Min Woo is terrible at acting stupid or innocent, he’s much better at making sad faces. The introduction is too long. After the 5th episode I got engaged with the show by the main characters, not by the story. I liked their simple love and how they conveyed their emotions, it was so heartfelt. Yang Jin-Sung carried the show she was the only good actor among the younger cast members. The rest were barely serviceable.

5. Yong Pal I had so high hopes for this and the first few episodes were fascinating, but then the whole thing fell flat. Kim Tae Hee was cold and emotionless, she had no chemistry with Joo Won. The side characters were more lively and stronger, they controled the show, the main couple was at their mercy.

6. Hidden Identity (Hide Identity) – It was okay, not outstanding. The episodes were linked, even though in the beginning I didn’t see the connections. Kim Beom’s character was really masochistic, he took so much beating every time that it was hard to watch and even so he never gave up. He still has to work on the acting part. Yoon So Yi was the first actress at who’s action scenes I didn’t cringe, she’s tall enough, a little skinny but she was believable. At the last 4 episodes things got more serious. At last I felt engaged to the story, this was what I missed earlier. But I was irritated by the scenes, where the otherwise professional team members were staring at things or persons for precious seconds when it wasn’t time to waste ‘cause it was a dire situation. And can someone explain to me the logic why they blurred the knives every time, but they didn’t do the same with guns and bleeding wounds?

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