Friday, May 10, 2019

Drama Reviews No. 12

Chicago Typewriter

Revolutionary Love - Byun Hyuk (Choi Si-Won) was very annoying in the beginning, he was grinning and laughing in the most inappropriate moments. He was childish and clueless. Si-Won overdid it with the grimaces. Fortunately films have no smell (yet), otherwise we would’ve watched certain episodes with gas mask. It was frustrating to see how stoic, refrained and rational Kwon Je-Hoon (Gong Myung) was. And again, the heroine - Baek Joon (Kang So-Ra) - was dirt poor but she had as many coats as days (I guess another PPL, along with the shoes and smart watch). I liked it that she was consistent through the whole show. It’s hard to have second lead syndrome when the male lead is Si-Won, but I developed one. I dare to say that Gong Myung stole the show, his acting chops are no joke. And I liked Byun Hyuk’s mother, she had a refreshing good nature.

Chicago Typewriter – This one is good. I enjoyed it from the start to finish. I can’t decide which time I liked the most, the 1930’s or the present. I liked how they alternate them, and gradually revealed the connections. The ghost’s hijinks were really funny. I started to watch it for Yoo Ah-In, but I descovered that Ko Gyung-Pyo and Lim Soo-Jung are also very good at acting. It’s well written and well directed. If you didn’t watched it already, I recommend it.

Queen for Seven Days
– It reminded me why do I watch seldom saeguks. I hate conspiracies and those cruel and twisted people from the palace crazy for power. It’s like watching a horror movie in which the action takes place at daytime and the characters have pretty clothes. I don’t have a stress-free boring life to crave such excitement. The first half of the show was fun, until Lee Yeok ascended to the throne. Then the whole thing became gloomy.

Touch Your Heart – I wanted to like this show so much, because I like the leads very much, but I have to admit that it was boring. Without a good script the actors can't make wonders. It wasn't really any conflict, just a pack of very silly coworkers and managers. The show was so sugar glazed that I almost got diabetes from it. Even though Kwon Jung-Rok (Lee Dong-Wook) didn’t have a rival, he caught the noble idiocy virus in the last quarter of the show. We couldn’t do without this drama trope. Dan Moon-Hee (Park Kyung-Hye) and Choi Yoon-Hyuk (Shim Hyung-Tak) attorneys were so ridiculous that I couldn’t laugh at their scenes. Was like watching a Mr. Bean episode. I was envious of Yoo In-Na’s earrings. I want them. All of it. Where can I buy them?

Signal – It was dark but interesting. The radio as the tool to comunicate between times it’s a great idea. The fact that if we correct some wrong made in the past doesn’t make everything right in the prezent and has unexpected consequences, makes me uneasy, but has sense. It started as a crime procedural drama but became much more. Lee Je-Hoon and Kim Hye-Soo had great chemistry, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I googled up and I found out that she’s 14 years older than him. I freezed when the show killed Park Hae Young several episodes before the end, but I had a tiny hope that it will be undone, because it was a precedent. The show had an open end, so I’m waiting for season 2. Let the fight against corruption continue.

Thirty But Seventeen
– The little dog stole the show. I appreciate that they managed to sqeeze some reality in the story like when Woo Seo-Ri (Shin Hye-Sun) woke up from the coma, she had to go though some rehabilitation before she could walk and move normally. Jennifer’s character reminded me of The Suspicious Housekeeper, but Choi Ji-Woo didn’t speak as a robot like Ye Ji-Won. I never thought that a housekeeper can have such a wardrobe and work in those outfits. I liked Yoo Chan (Ahn Hyo-Seop), he was so bright and kindhearted, he was the one that brought that “family” together. It’s a feel-good drama. They should’ve hired someone professional for the close ups of playing violin.

My Mister - Tackled some serious questions: what makes us happy, what is happiness, what makes us muster up our courage to step out of our comfort zone, to take a risk and make our life better. The main characters were a bunch of pitiful losers, who struggled through life, but they were relatable. It was a sad show, slow but not boring. I could watch the almost hour and half long episodes without stopping, and wanted more. Some conversations were really ridiculous, like those between the brothers or the lines of the bad actress, but they still spoke volumes (Sang-Hoon's obsession about giving his mother a grand funeral, and Yoo-Ra being very happy that Gi-Hoon failed too as a film director). The show gave me a j-dorama feeling. And IU was outstanding in her role. Well, all the cast was good and spot on. I liked this show. It lingered in my mind for long after I saw it.

Her Private Life – I'm not gonna lie, the visuals are overwhelming. The show is only at it's halfway, but it is my newest crack. The golden lion. Wow. I fell for him. Again. Against my better judgment. Made me a fangirl. The Ryan-Lion pun is cute even as overused. And that face painting as a lion and the car pinned up as a cat... melted me. Reminded me of the fluffy red cat with beautitul green eyes I had. I didn’t like the dressing in drag though. As the show progresses the chemistry between Kim Jae-Wook and Park Min-Young grows, at the beginning they were a little awkward around each other. I love Sung Deok-Mi’s unusual family and I cringed a little when Kim Jae Wook overacted in obsessed fanboy mode around Shi-An. Laica at Dramabeans said in her recap that she hates Eun Gi because he is ”blessed with the dubious talent of mostly being right but always saying it in the most disrespectful, insensitive manner”. Well, I don’t dislike him. He’s inoffensive and mild compared to someone I know, Eun Gi doesn’t make comments with acid irony. My point is: it can be worse. 😀 On a shallow note Kim Jae Wook looks horrible in those large pants. He is too thin for them. And Park Min Young is still short beside him, even if she wears shoes with huge heels. Deok Mi, Ryan and the gallery's former manager, Eom So-Hye (Kim Sun-Young) have wardrobes worthy of a fashion show. Especially Kim Sun-Young, and she rocks those crazy outfits. I hope this turns out to be a great show. (I’ll make my final comments after it ends.)

30 but 17
Her Private Life

Saturday, February 02, 2019

Miso leves udon tésztával

Továbbra is a kelet ízeknél maradva ezúttal a miso leves egy változatát készítettem el. Ez egy japán leves, és eléggé félve, hosszas előzetes tanulmányozás után fogtam bele, mert egy japán kajával már befürödtem. Egy zöldséges-udonos ételt készítettem, és hát számomra a soha többé kategória lett. Kár volt a hozzávalókért. Szerény tapasztalatom szerint a kínai, japán és koreai ízvilág merőben különbözik egymástól, az én ízlelőbimbóimnak a koreai ételek tetszenek leginkább.
Ennek a levesnek az ízét a miso paszta adja, ami erjesztett szójapaszta, és három változata van: fehér, vörös és sárga, ebből a fehér (a shiro miso) a legkevésbé sós - állítja az eredeti recept szerzője -, és üvegben lecsukva fél évig is eltartható a jégszekrényben.
Ezt a levest számos zöldséggel lehet készíteni, itt az általam használtakkal adom meg a mennyiségeket.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Zöldséges ragu fülgombával kínai módra

Ezúttal egy kínai ihletésű ételt főztem. Azért csak "ihletésű", mert nem követtem szó szerint az eredeti receptet, az elkészítési módon és az ízesítésen is módosítottam, mivel azt egy kicsit ízetlennek találtam. Kinézetre nem lett olyan, mint az eredeti, viszont megszólalásig hasonlít a gyorséttermi kínai kajákra. És finom. És az sem utolsó szempont, hogy nem bonyolult, gyorsan elkészíthető.

(3 adag)
15 g szárított fülgomba (júdásfüle gomba)
2 EK kukorica keményítő
3-4 EK napraforgó olaj
1 EK szezámolaj
1 kis fej fokhagyma
0,5 kg csirkemell (vagy pulykamell)
45 dkg kínai zöldségkeverék (fagyasztott)
1 piros paprika
1 zöldhagyma
3 EK szójaszósz

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Kimcshi leves

Mivel elég rég készítettem a kimcshit, hogy ne romoljon el, és ne kelljen kidobnom, kerestem valami ételt, amiben felhasználhatom. A kimcshi leves (Kimchi-guk, 김치국) tűnt legkézenfekvőbbnek: kevés hozzávaló és egyszerű elkészítés. Több receptet olvasam végig, összehasonlítva őket. A leves receptjét így lehet összegezni:

Hozzávalók (2-3 adag):
2 csésze (2,5 dl-es) apróra vágott kimcshi
25 dkg sertéshús (lapocka vagy hasalja) apróra vágva
2 EK csípőspaprika paszta (erős pista)
(Ízesítésül hozzá lehet még adni 1 TK apróra vágott fokhagymát, fél TK őrölt gyömbért, sót és borsot, 1 TK rizs bort (mirin), 1 EK szójaszószt.)
1 teáskanál cukor
5 csésze víz
2 zöldhagyma szár, felkarikázva
1 csomag tofu (kb. 40 dkg) felkockázva
(hozzáadható még 2 shiitake gomba felszeletelve, szára nélkül)

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Drama Reviews No. 11

Voice – This was sick. The screenwriter must be a very disturbed person to come up with such a horror. But I have to praise the make up artists and the special effect team, without their work the show would of be a joke. Jang Hyuk was overacting in the first episodes. Then his madness came in handy. This show is not for the faint hearted. Watching it I was like paralyzed, I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t stop. Like when I saw on TV a documentary on plastic surgery. They showed how the doctors lifted the skin from someone’s face to remove a tumor and to correct the nose bone. It was horrible but I couldn’t press the remote to switch channels.

Lookout – This was an intense drama. I always liked Lee Si-Young, it’s not a strech for her to be a badass, but who surprised me was Kim Young-Kwang, he gave a layered and a good performance. In my mind he was just a model from Runway Cop, I didn’t credited him as a good actor. He proved me wrong. The incompetence of the police and the corruption was annoying, as always. And I have to mention Park Solomon as Yoon Shi-Wan. He was beyond creepy. He surpassed Kim Jae Wook’s character in Voice. The ending pissed me off: why didn’t die or was punished that little monster? WHY???

Deserving of the Name – This was another time travel drama, and still came up with some new things: the instrument (the needles) and the way (dying) fit well the story, they had a meaning and a purpose. The show had a heart, everyone was improving, they became better persons. The comedy and the drama was well balanced. Kim Nam-Gil and Kim A-Joong were fun to watch, they had great chemistry, I even would say, that they were enjoying the filming and working together. The whole cast was good, they are all pros, so no complaining of the acting.

My Sassy Girl – I approched it with caution. It turned out that I enjoyed it more than I thought. If you don’t expect a true saeguk, and you are willing to overlook some overacting, than you can have fun watching it. Everything was solved quickly and easily, wasn’t much angst in it. The colours were bright, the cinematography was beautiful and the characters were over the top. Well, it’s a comedy. The title is misleading, has nothing to do with the film with the same title. Joo Won has good comedic chops but he’s still bad at romancing. Or he just didn’t have chemistry with Oh Yeon-Seo.

Master’s Sun – At first, the ghosts freaked me out (this was the reason I didn’t watch this show ’till now), but towards the end they became less scary. The show was mildly entertaining. The machmaker, Mrs. Goh was really creapy, so were Kong Shil’s wanderings in the cemetery at night.

Because This Is My First Life – I started it for Lee Min-Ki and Jung So-Min, who I thought were a perfect couple on screen, but I ended up watching it for the cat (she’s beautiful! :) ) and to see how many words I recognize, how many expressions and sentences I understand in Korean. Lee Min Ki was so wooden and emotionless like a doll, when he kissed Yoon Ji Ho, it was so out of the blue for me, that I thought, I dozed and I missed some scenes. It looked like Jung So Min was the only one from the cast who could emote normally, but she couldn’t manage to create any chemistry with Lee Min Ki despite her efforts. Esom and Park Byung-Eun’s characters were a nice pair, they were witty and funny in a good way. This show was meant to be a rom-com, but it had little real romance and little comedy. It had lots of plot holes instead. It was a disappointment. I laughed at the cat related product placements.

About Time – At the beginning resembles of Master’s Sun. Choi Michaela (Lee Sung-Kyung) needs Lee Do Ha (Lee Sang-Yoon), he’s a shelter to her because he stops her time, then he’s stabbed in an attempt to save her. I barely managed to watch through the first two episodes. But from the third episode I got emotionally involved. The PPLs weren’t inserted in a very subtle way in the story. When Bae Soo-Bong (Im Se-Mi) said looking at a face cream that her skin is better and better even though she’s under great stress, and it’s the cream’s merit, I laughed out loud. The ending disappointed me. I know that the show was supposed to be a fantasy romance, but the story had melo vibes, so I expected a darker ending. Watching the last episode was like seeing a parallel universe. And two key characters (Beth and Do Ha’s father) had personality transplant at the end. On the bright side Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyun made a cute couple as actors and beyond.